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Foot Young

Foot Young was born in Ohio, USA and was raised on a farm. At an early age Foot's father taught him essential farming skills such as carpentry and welding, and encouraged him to approach jobs in a practical and creative manner. When just ten years of age, Foot Young began welding together odds and ends from the scrap pile, into something he thought had some significance.

After completing a college degree in Mathematics, Foot Young purchased an elderly ketch and set sail towards the sunset. Five years later, he arrived in Australia where he is now, two decades later, regarded as a distinguished and notably environmentally motivated sculptor.

Working primarily with marble quarried from Chillagoe in Central Queensland, the focal subjects of Foot Young's work have been marine mammals.

Sculptures Available

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Mini Mantaray

Title: Mini Mantaray (Cast Marble)

Length: 14cm

Price: $165

Mini Turtle

Title: Mini Turtle (Cast Marble)

Length: 12cm

Price: $165

Mini Platypus

Title: Mini Platypus (Cast Marble)

Length: 15cm

Price: $185


Title: Seahorse (Cast Marble - Coloured)

Height: 21cm

Price: $235

Title: Seahorse (Cast Marble)

Height: 21cm

Price: $235

Baby Dolphin

Title: Baby Dolphin (Cast Marble)

Height: 8cm

Price: $95

Title: Mini Guppy Fish (Cast Marble)

Height: 7cm

Price: $65

Mini Guppy Fish

Title: Mini Guppy Fish (Cast Marble - Coloured)

Height: 7cm

Price: $65

Title: Small Butterfly Fish (Cast Marble - Coloured)

Size: 10x17cm

Price: $185

Title: Large Butterfly Fish (Cast Marble - Coloured)

Size: 17x24cm

Price: $275

Mini Sealion

Title: Mini Sealion (Cast Marble)

Height: 7cm

Price: $195

Leaping Dolphin

Title: Leaping Dolphin (Cast Marble)

Height: 12.5cm

Price: $250


Title: Turtle (Cast Marble)

Height: 7.5cm

Price: $485

Smiling Sealion

Title: Smiling Sealion (Cast Marble)

Height: 17.5cm

Price: $485

Leaping Sealion

Title: Leaping Sealion (Cast Marble)

Height: 24cm

Price: $625

Diving Dolphin

Title: Diving Dolphin (Cast Marble)

Height: 30cm

Price: $595


Title: Orca (Cast Marble)

Height: 20cm

Price: $185


Title: Platypus (Cast Marble)

Height: 5cm

Price: $335


Title: Mantaray (Cast Marble)

Height: 12.5cm

Price: $475

Title: Green Tree Frog (Cast Marble)

Height: 12cm

Price: $345

Title: Dugong (Cast Marble)

Height: 14cm

Price: $235

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