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Paul Margocsy

Paul was born in Melbourne in August 1945. He had no formal art training but developed a love for painting at an early age. In 1978, he became engrossed in wildlife art and concentrated on improving his technique.

In 1985 he became a member of The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia. The following year he won the award for the best painting at that exhibition and a year later, won the best watercolour exhibit.

In 1991 Paul was commissioned by Australia Post in 1991 for a stamp issue on waterbirds and in 1994 Paul produced a series of endangered species works for the United Nations.

Paul was the only Australian artist to be chosen for two consecutive years to exhibit in the highly acclaimed Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Birds in Art exhibition in America, making him the third Australian to be chosen in 20 years. This exhibition attracts over 3,500 wildlife artists from all over the world, from these works only 80 paintings are chosen to be exhibited.

Artwork Available

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Title: Kingfishers

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 42x46cm (framed)

Price: $1495

Laughing Kookaburras

Title: Laughing Kookaburras

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 46x42cm (framed)

Price: $1495

Pale Headed Rosellas

Title: Pale Headed Rosellas

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 42x39cm (framed)

Price: $1250

Australian Galahs

Title: Australian Galahs

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 42x45cm (framed)

Price: $1495

Kookaburra Pair

Title: Kookaburra Pair

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 42x48cm (framed)

Price: $1550

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Rainbow Lorikeets

Title: Somewhere over the Rainbow

(Rainbow Lorikeets)

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 70x59cm (framed)

Price: $4450


Title: Pelicans

Medium: Watercolour

Dimensions: 59x49cm (framed)

Price: $1995

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