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Pete Smit

Born in South Africa in 1947, Pete Smit was raised on the magnificent Cape Peninsula. In 1970 he headed for Australia, and soon discovered himself better suited to more practical pursuits than he had been used to. More importantly, Pete Smit very soon realised that he had arrived in the land of his dreams, and he embraced this new freedom with great enthusiasm.

After much wandering, Pete Smit and his wife Louise moved to Queensland to set up home. Working from their leafy Samsonvale farm, Pete and Louise cast all their own work, thereby eliminating the delays and hassles associated with foundries and bronze castings. As a result of many years spent working in the bush, Pete has a deep respect and understanding of nature, and relies on this for his inspiration. Pete Smit handcrafted solid bronze is designed and cast by Pete and Louise Smit in their Queensland foundry, using the 3000 year old Lost Wax Process.

Artwork Available

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Shy Cockatoo

Title: Shy Cockatoo (Bronze)

Height: 9cm

Price: $198

Title: Platypus (Bronze)

Length: 10cm

Price: $110


Title: Echidna (Bronze)

Length: 8cm

Price: $135


Title: Owl (Bronze)

Height: 7cm

Price: $155


Title: Wombat (Bronze)

Height: 7cm

Price: $176


Title: Penguin (Bronze)

Height: 8cm

Price: $155


Title: Kookaburra (Bronze)

Height: 6cm

Price: $220

Small Australian Animals

Title: Small Bronze Animals (Penguin, Frill Necked Lizard, Kangaroo, Koala, Playpus, Echidna, Kookaburra)

Height: 4.5cm, 5cm, 6cm, 4cm, 6cm (L), 2cm, 3cm

Price: $67 each (Frill Necked Lizard $97)


Title: Gecko (Bronze)

Length: 13cm

Price: $176


Title: Crocodile

Length: 15cm

Price: $198


Title: Grooming Kangaroo and Crouching Kangaroo (Bronze)

Height: 11cm (Grooming), 7cm (Crouching)

Price: $176 each


Title: Landing Pelican and Shy Pelican (Bronze)

Height: 8cm (Landing), 9cm (Shy)

Price: $220, $176

Green Tree Frogs

Title: Green Tree Frog and Dainty Tree Frog (Bronze)

Length: 10cm (Green), 6cm (Dainty)

Price: $176, $110


Title: Loggerhead Turtle, Green Turtle, Small Turtle (Bronze)

Length: 10cm (Loggerhead), 9cm (Green), 5cm (Small)

Price: $176, $135, $73

Travelling Companions

Title: Travelling Companions - Limited Edition 250 (Bronze)

Size: 12x24cm

Price: $795


Title: 'Fathomless Soul' Mantaray Limited Edition 250 (Bronze)

Height: 16cm

Price: $645

Frill Necked Lizard Limited Edition

Title: I'm Outta Here - Frilled Necked Lizard Limited Edition 250 (Bronze)

Length: 29cm

Price: $595

Koala Limited Edition

Title: Koala Limited Edition 250 (Bronze)

Height: 14cm

Price: $595

Worries? How do you Spell that? - Pelican Limited Edition

Title: Worries? How Do You Spell That? - Pelican Limited Edition 50 (Bronze)

Height: 47cm

Price: $ 1980

Spot the Difference Limited Edition

Title: Spot the Difference - Limited Edition 99 (Bronze)

Height: 38.5cm

Price: $2450

Turtles with Jellyfish

Title: Turtle and Jellyfish "Of Days Gone By" - Limited Edition 25 (Bronze)

Height: 35cm (H) x 46cm (L)

Price: $5500

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